SLN Technologies is an Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing company. SLN is developing high reliable and rugged electronic systems for the Aerospace and Defence Industry Sectors. SLN offers design, development, testing, qualification, manufacturing and maintenance solutions. SLN specializes in Embedded System Solutions, Board Design Solutions, Embedded Software Solutions, FPGA Design and Development, IV&V and Re-Engineering of legacy Embedded Systems. SLN offers both build to specifications and build to Print to its customers.

SLN Product Domains in Aerospace and Defence include

  • Avionics LRUs
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Integration Rigs
  • Ground Support Equipment (I-level and O-level testers)
  • Antenna Control Systems (for Radar and SATCOM antenna)
  • Instrumentation
  • High Reliable Electronic Modules

SLN has proven expertise in electronic hardware interfaces namely Analog, Discrete, RS232/422/485, Ethernet, USB, SPIL, CCDL, MIL1553B, ARINC429, ARINC717, Audio, Video and bus Architectures namely PCI, cPCI, VME, VME64X, VPX, PXI, PMC and Custom Bus Architecture. SLN is proficient in Aerospace standards namely DO254 for development of hardware, DO178B for development of Software and DO160E for Conducting Qualifications tests on Embedded Systems.

SLN is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and in the Audit process for getting AS9100C certification. SLN is a CEMILAC certified design house for designing Airworthy systems. SLN is a recognised “In-house R&D unit” by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), DST, Govt. of INDIA. SLN is a registered vendor for HAL, BEL, ECIL, DRDO and BDL.

SLN has been awarded SIATI Award 2014 for “Excellence in Aerospace Indigenisation”. SLN was awarded “National Award – 2008” a Special recognition award for Research and Development by Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. SLN was awarded 1st prize for “Excellence in Electronics in Research and Development for the year 2007-2008” by ELCINA-DUN & BRAD STREET. SLN was awarded Outstanding Performance for “Excellence in Electronics Research and Development for the year 2009-2010” by ELCINA-EFY.

SLN has built high reliability embedded systems which are operating in mission critical applications. Some of the major products are:

1. Antenna Control Servo System for 32 mtr. Deep Space Network Antenna used in Chandrayaan-1(Indian Moon mission) and Mangalyaan (Indian Mars orbital mission) missions of ISRO.
2. Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) HW for Su-30 MKI.
3. Air Data Computer (ADC) HW for LCA
4. Solid State Memory Module for AN32
5. Flight Test Instrumentation HW for LCA
6. Antenna Control System for 3D Radars
7. Antenna Control System for Stabilized platform on Ship.
8. Main Gun Control Box to Arjun Main Battle Tank.
9. ATEs for SSFDR, ADC, LADC and Flight Test Instrumentation etc.
10. Integration Rig for Display Mission Computer (DMC) for LCH and DARIN III MC

SLN has focus of providing solutions in the Cockpit Voice and Flight Data recorders (CVFDR), Antenna control Systems (ACS), Solid State Digital Video Recorders (SSDVR) and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) domains.

SLN has designed, developed and qualified the solid state flight data recorder (SSFDR) for Su-30 MKI. SSFDR performs the function of sampling the aircraft sensors data and Cockpit voice and record the voice and data for analysis of the sortie later or in case of a crash. SLN has developed the SSFDR HW system from interface specification till getting the flight approval. The customer has a very good appreciation for the support SLN gave in the product development of the SSFDR system. SLN has invested in building expertise and delivery models for the flight data recorder technology. SLN is presently one of the leading indigenous manufacturers for flight data recorders in INDIA.

SLN with the expertise in Flight data recorders got the opportunity to develop the CVFDR HW for the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH). The CVFDR is a leaner system because of the nature of Helicopter systems. SLN had the expertise of, the solution for fixed wing aircraft, some critical factors like weight and power consumption were critical factors in Rotary wing aircraft. SLN has successfully developed the CVFDR for the LUH platform. Now SLN has the capability to supply CVFDRs for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

SLN is now building SSDVR. SLN has also planned in the near future to develop products for Standby Engine Displays, HUMS etc.

SLN is also strong in building Automated Test Equipment (ATE). Due to SLN strength in building Embedded Systems, SLN has a thorough understanding of the testing requirements for embedded systems. SLN has the expertise to build ATEs for Embedded systems, sub-systems and electronic modules. SLN has good expertise in building ATEs with National Instruments PXI hardware with LABVIEW based software. SLN has also built Rugged ATE and compact ATE based on OPEN bus architectures Viz. PCI, cPCI and VME.

SLN has a very strong expertise in Antenna Control Systems (ACS) for radar and satcom antenna applications. SLN has developed and deployed 7 types of ACS for Radar antenna. All of these systems are mission critical in nature and operating in varied environmental conditions. These ACS are of single axis or two axis control systems performing antenna deployment and platform stabilization. SLN has also expertise in three axis control systems for SATCOM application. The three axis are Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization. SLN has built ACS for Pointing and Tracking Applications. Some of the prominent features are step track algorithms and closed loop control laws. SLN is a leading indigenous manufacturer for ACS for SATCOM applications.

SLN is one of the elite leading Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing Company in INDIA for Aerospace and Defence industry providing state-of-the-art indigenous solutions equivalent to leading Global OEMs. SLN is continuing to invest in expertise and infrastructure for indigenous manufacture of high reliable embedded systems for mission critical applications.

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