VME 64x Discrete Output(DO) card is used for Driving the Signal. The output is of sinking type.






Functional Block Diagram



1 Bus Interface

Bus : VME / VME 64x Compatible
: A24/D16 Standard slave interface
: Address selection through jumper (VME)

2 Outputs

Outputs : Opto-isolated 64 outputs

Isolation Voltage : 1500 Vrms

CPU Interface : VME64x bus

Output Spec : Open Collector Sink type
Nominal Voltage 28V DC
Max. 40V Rated Voltage
100mA Max. Continuous Current

Front panel LEDs : 64 LEDs. Illuminated when the associated
Channel is ON

Channel Propagation delay : < 1mS

Output Protection : Short Circuit Protection

Output Termination : Flexible I/O cabling solution using VME64x

Connectors front panel, P2 and P0.

Power Consumption : less than 1A @ +5VDC

Mechanical size : Single slot 6U (233.35×162.5 mm)

VMEbus Interface : A24/D16 Standard slave interface

BIT : Read back facility from field signal for Individual channel

Fascia : 64 LEDs and front connector identical to P2
Connector pin-outs.

Standard 6U facia panel with ejector facility.

Power Supply Requirement : 5V, 3.3V from VME Connector
28VDC from field Connector

3 Termination

Input Termination : Front connector (Fascia Panel) termination-all
64 Outputs.
Rear connector (VME P2) termination 46 Outputs

4 Self Tests

BIT : Force High / Force Low facility to test all the Outputs from field side.
Force high / Force low is done group wise
(8 ch at a time) which allows testing field
Output related opto-couplers and corresponding TTL chips
Power Consumption : 5V @ 1A from VME Connector
3.3V @500mA from VME Connector
28VDC@ 1A from field Connector

Mechanical : Single slot 6U (233.4 mm x160 mm)

Facia Panel : Standard 6U /4T Facia panel with ejector facility.
64 LEDs indicating input status on the Fascia Panel
Input termination connector. FAULT LED

5 Environmental

Operating Temperature : -20 °C to + 55 °C Storage Temperature : -40 °C to + 85 °C

Thermal shock : +55 °C to – 20 °C (1hr Exposure)

Humidity : 95% at 40 °C (8hr exposure)

Operational Vibration : The unit will withstand vibration of
1.5G for frequencies in the range of
` 5-1500HZ and acceleration of 1.5m / sec2

Operational altitude : 0 to 4160 m above sea level

Altitude transport : 0 to 13000 m above sea level

6 Software

Device Drivers : os/non-os based

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