For every company in any business, it is necessary to be competitive all the time; meeting the changing regulatory needs viz. ROHS and overcoming the obsolescence in technology and cost reduction. This challenge needs to be met by re-engineering the products by adopting new technology and innovation.

SLN has a proven track record in re-engineering the electronics products by adding value through innovation. The benefit of product re-engineering is to re-build any component of the product that has been miscued, thus lowering the cost of buying a new product. In SLN, we follow a set of principles that makes us reputed in the field of re-engineering.

When some components of a product become obsolete, the customers tend to discard the entire product and re-buy the same. SLN offers a service where, our expertise comes in and we redesign the components.

In few scenarios, the components that are present in the product may be outdated. During such aspects, SLN provides the new enhanced component, thereby making a whole new generation in technology bettering its legacy.

SLN not only gives its customers products with its own design but also does compliance projects. A set of well trained experts go to the customer’s firm and they design the product according to the customer’s requirements.

The competitive nature of SLN is always an added advantage to both the customer and us. We not only provide the customers with zero defect products but also we do it with a mind set to innovate and improvise each and every component in the product, making SLN a very reliable product re-engineering firm in the market.

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