SLN provides build-to-print manufacturing services for high reliable printed circuit board assemblies. Our production facilities include manufacture of cables, integration of box solutions and integration of large rack systems. Our in-house processes are qualified for repeatability and consistency, governed by in-house and international standards.

Hi-reliability products are handled using special processes that ensure quality at each stage before committing to the next, with an eye on the desired end-result in terms of quality, time and cost.

Additionally, procedure driven handling of ESD (electrostatic sensitive devices) and MSD (moisture sensitive devices) prevent adverse consequences. This ensures next to nil rework post conformal coating. Conformal coating with different materials is done with measured and precise thickness control.

All the PCB assemblies are tested 100% functionally, using special test equipment/jigs. The modules are subjected to ESS (environmental stress screening) in order to eliminate latent defects, this ensures minimal field failures.

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