IMG_0514ARINC 429 card electrical schematics are designed by NPOL and further artwork and realization of the card is taken up by SLN technologies. ARINC 429 PMC card is a standard single width PMC board compatible of PCI 32 Bit, 33/66MHz which provides the standard ARINC 429 communication channels. It offers two transmit and four Receive channels which are software programmable to communicate in both low (12.5Kbps) and high speed (100Kbps). 68 Pin SCSI Connector is used for external I/O termination and also on board P4 connector for carrying all the I/O signals.

Card Block Diagram 


ARINC 429 PMC board can be plugged into the SBC boards and also in to the PCI slot of the PC with the help of PCI to PMC carrier board. Four numbers of digital input and outputs are provided for DIO interface. ARINC 429 PMC card is developed based on DDC ARINC 429 devices (processor interface, transceiver and differential line driver).DDC devices are used for protocol implementation. A PLX 9054 device has been used for PCI to local non multiplexed bus conversion. A FPGA is used for glue logic. A set of API functions are developed to interact with card.

ARINC 429 PMC Card Specification

1.1 Bus Interface:

Bus : 32bit PCI Bus
Form factor : Single width PMC standard (74 mm x 149 mm)

1.2 ARINC I/O:

Interface : ARINC 429 Tx and Rx
Protocol : ARINC 429
Number of Receive channels : 4 Nos.
Number of Transmit channels : 2 Nos.
Data rate : Low(12.5Kbps) and high(100Kbps) programmable
Input levels :+/-6.5 to +/-13V DC (A to B)
Parity : Odd, Even or None
Error reporting : Parity
Buffering : Data buffer 2048 labels per channel
IO termination :68 Pin SCSI Connector ( on front panel)
PN4 (64 pin) connector on board.

1.3 Digital I/O:

Interface : Digital I/O
Number of Input channels : 4 Nos.
Number of Output channels : 4 Nos.
Input and output voltage levels : TTL
IO termination : 68 Pin SCSI Connector ( on front panel)
PN4 (64 pin) connector on board.

1.4 Fascia Panel

Standard PMC fascia panel

1.5 Power Supply (DC):

+3.3V DC, +5V DC, +12V DC, -12V taken from PMC connector

1.6 Environmental:

1. Operating Temperature : For components -40C to 85C.
: For the Board –20C to 65C.
2. Storing Temperature : -20C to 70C

1.7 Software:

I/O driver software for Linux

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