The Antenna Control System (PTS – 03) for mobile station is an intelligent and powerful antenna control system. This system is designed to track the VSAT antenna to the desired satellite.


The function of the system is to control the antenna’s movement in azimuth, elevation and polarization to track satellites through various functional modes. It continuously monitors and displays axis angles, beacon signal strength, the functional mode selected, and the universal time and it indicates errors like limits & interlocks.

The system offers various manual and auto-track modes for tracking purpose viz. standby Mode, manual mode, position track mode, POL position track, insat program track mode, acquire satellite mode and step track mode. It also enables the user to set the site related parameters through configuration option and add, delete and edit any number of satellites and advanced diagnostic features.

  • DCU is a 19”, 4U high rack mountable Stand-alone unit, which operates 230V AC, 1Ø, 50Hz mains supply & 415V AC, 3Ø, 50Hz mains supply.
  • Absolute measuring system of Azimuth & Elevation axes angles through rotary encoders (13 Bit SSI) and Polarization axis angle through Potentiometer.
  • Interlock for both commands for axes to the same motor.
  • Protection through MCBs & contactors for AZ, EL & POL motors.
  • Motor reversal logic using SSRs for POL axis.
  • Self illuminated switches for commands at the DCU front panel.
  • Hard wired logic to disable commands upon the occurrence of Limits.
  • Reliable and easy mountable connectors at the rear panel of DCU.
  • Operated either Local mode or Remote mode.
  • Hardware limits monitoring.
  • User-friendly menu driven Software.
  • Front-end software written using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
  • Supports operational modes viz. Manual mode, Position track mode, POL position track, Insat Program track mode, Acquire satellite mode & Step track mode.
  • It provides advanced diagnostics features to detect any faults and errors in the antenna control system
  • It allows the user to enter site related parameters and configure up to 10 numbers of satellites.
  • It will interact with Remote PC for M & C Operation through RS-422 / RS-232 serial communication Port.


Antenna Control System (PTS – 03)


Input Power supply 230V AC, 1 , 50 Hz


Axes supported Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization


Angle Measurement:AZ, EL & POL

  1. Sensors
  1. Range

c. Resolution

  1. Accuracy
13 bit, SSI I/F Absolute Rotary Encoder for AZ & EL. Potentiometer for Polarization.Azimuth – 0 to 359.99Elevation – 0 to 359.99Polarization – 0 to 359.9+/- 0.05 Deg for AZ, EL & +/- 0.2 Deg for POL+/- 0.1 Deg for AZ, EL & +/- 0.5 Deg for POL


Axis Driving:

  1. Output commands
  1. Output I/F

c. Speed O/P

AZCW, AZCCW, ELUP, ELDOWN, POLCW, POLCCW+24 V0-10V DC (output of DAC) separate for AZ and EL


Beacon signalInput voltage range 0 to 10V DC from External BTR


Remote Computer interface(M & C Operation) RS 232 / RS 422 serial interface


Hardware Limits & Interlocks

  1. Limit switch inputs
  1. Input interface
  2. System interlock
  3. Other interlocks
AZCW, AZCCW, ELUP, ELDOWN, POLCW, POLCCWPotential free contact (NC)Sense 24V DC supplyAZ, EL and POL command interlocks, AZ & EL Encoder Errors, Emergency stop and AZ and EL Drive errors


GUI SoftwareDisplayConfiguration Modes AZ, EL, POL angle displayUTCBeacon signal strength w.r.t peak value (both digital and bar graph)Status MessageSoftware limits with indicationHardware limits with indicationTarget position during PositionLog fileError alarm (only when there is an error)Configuration Menu

Operation Menu

Diagnostics Menu

Help Menu

System configuration.

General configuration.

Position Track Configuration

Insat Program Track Configuration

Step Track Configuration

Acquire Satellite Configuration


Operational Modes Local modeStand By ModeManual ModePosition Track ModePOL Position Track ModeInsat Program Track ModeStep Track ModeAcquire Satellite Mode


Diagnostics Limit StatusInterlock StatusEncoder angles, Beacon Signal Voltage status, Power Supply Voltage monitors.Compass, GPS and Inclinometer valueView Faults and Events log File


SizeIPCDCU 19 inch rack mountable sub rack of 7U and 300 mm depth19 inch rack mountable, 4U, and 550 mm depth aluminum Sub rack.


EnvironmentalOperating temperatureStorage temperatureOperating RH to 50 deg C-40 to 85 deg C (All units)0 – 95% non condensing


Specifications of IPC:

1 Type of Processor : Intel’s Pentium – P IV based, 512 CACHE, On Board HDD/FDD Interface, and Programmable Watch Dog Timer.
2 RAM : 512 MB SD RAM – Provision Expansion
3 Hard disk capacity : 80 GB
4 Drives : 3½” floppy drive, CD ROM drive
5 Type of Mount : 19” Rack Mountable, Industrial Grade Personal Computer System
6 Environmental : Should meet NEMA 4 or IP 65
7 Display : 12.0” TFT LCD Built in with membrane Key Pad (63 Keys including 20 Function Keys)
8 PCI BUS SLOTS : Provision for 2 Nos. JUKI 760 E PCI & ISA (Interfaces) Full Size
9 Ethernet Controller : 10 / 100 Mbps
10 Provision for : Disk on Chip Flash Disk Chip
11 Power Supply : 250 W, 95 – 260 AC Industrial Grade Power Supply
12 Keyboard : External Key Board – Standard, 108 Keys (Additional)
13 Mouse : External Mouse – Logitech or standard company (Additional).
14 Serial Ports : Two + Four USB Port
15 Parallel Ports : One + one PS/2 Mouse Port Clearly marked
16 Operating System : Windows 2000 (Pre-loaded)

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