In 1995, D.R. Subramanyam and M. Anil Kumar Muniswamy, two well established persons with an overall industry experience of more than 20 years combined, came up with the idea of starting their own company in the field of embedded systems engineering. On Nov 23rd 1995, SLN, a small firm which was open to do the product re-engineering and services commenced with the PCB industries.

In the year 1998, the idea of creating our own Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was in process and when we had the privilege to work with General Motors, our anticipation about our company’s product became a necessary policy. General Motors helped us reach a new level of reputation in the industry. And we got an opportunity to work with Opel Astra for the same product.

During the year 1999, SLN went a step ahead to manufacture of Antenna Control Units (ACU) for the VSAT applications and Electronics Corporation India Limited, which is one of our most reputed products in the industry.

From the year 2002 till 2005, SLN grew rapidly and we ended up developing embedded system solutions for ADA & DRDO, Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) for HAL and ACU for BEL. We are still maintaining a valuable relationship with all the above firms and we hope to still continue to improvise and deliver innovative products with an outstanding service to all our future clients.

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