SLN offers design and development services for high precision analog, high speed digital and mixed signal from standalone boards to high-reliability open bus architecture based boards. SLN has the ability to not only design the product but also to manufacture the first prototype, test the product, provide first article inspection services and to undertake production service.

Our domain exposure includes embedded systems, communication systems, signal processing systems and control systems. SLN is an expert in these domains and boasts its ability to develop supporting algorithm, simulation and validation for the desired end use. To support our design and delivery, we are exceptionally competent in mathematical modeling, data analysis, feasibility checks, system development, system and performance analysis and rapid prototyping.

For high reliability boards, SLN conducts analysis such as power analysis, thermal analysis, structural analysis, FMECA (failure mode effect and criticality analysis) and MTBF (mean time between failures). Signal integrity checks are carried out both Pre and Post PCB routing. These analysis help in eliminating design errors in the hardware before it is fabricated hence reduction in cost.

We carry out physical, data link and control interface layers design. Our expertise in designing standard boards such as VPX, VME, FMC, XMC, PMC, cPCI, COMe, etc…; is a proven reputation which is well established. SLN provides design boards that involve high speed processors, FPGAs, DAC/ ADC, DDR II, DDR III, QDR, ethernet, PCIe, and USB devices.

Our portfolio of Board Design Competencies can be categorized as:

High Density / Complex Digital
High Precision Analog / Mixed Signal
Power Supplies
Backplane Modules

SLN’s design and development processes have been validated by international customers. Good product realization practices such as, release of BOMs at 3 stages, preliminary, interim and final, aid smooth timely sourcing of components and therefore, quick turnarounds. Early kick-off for procuring long-lead time components are ensured by advance selection and sourcing of critical components by our supply chain experts aims at avoiding delays downstream.

Central Library Management: Mentor Graphics-Library Manager
Schematic Design: Mentor Graphics -DxDesigner
Layout Design: Mentor Graphics-Expedition PCB
Layout Verification: Mentor Graphics -Hyperlynx DRC
Output: PCB and OrCAD Gerbtool
Structural Analysis: ANSYS

Pre-Layout Simulation: Hyperlynx Signal Integrity LineSim
Post-Layout Simulation: Hyperlynx Signal Integrity BoardSim
Power Analysis: Hyperlynx Power Integrity
RF simulation: Advanced Design Systems (ADS)-Agilent Technologies
Thermal Simulation

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