A successful business is where the resources are optimally matched with the requirements. But, many a times while investing in their infrastructure, companies fail to devise a consistent production strategy. During such instances, the company falls short on man power or any other resources and ergo, they find it hard to achieve their mission.

SLN offers a wide range of on-site consulting to its customers or other peer companies in the market. Our on-site consulting expertise widely ranges from just making a standard documentation or a design to manufacturing the customer’s product from scratch to finish. Since one of the main principle’s of SLN is to put the customer’s priority on top, SLN designs and manufactures the products based mainly on its customer’s needs and ideas.

SLN provides complete FPGA development life cycle support, from specification to the final tested product. SLN is specialist in high-speed design involving multimillion gate densities. SLN covers multiple application areas including design using verilog/VHDL, test bench design, functional simulation, STA and system validation (or) technology migration. SLN is well equipped with its FPGA IP cores that it quickly ramps up and deploys the customer’s FPGA requirements.

SLN ’s board design solutions offers design and development services for high precision analog, high speed digital and mixed signal from standalone boards to high-reliability open bus architecture based boards. SLN has the ability to not only design the product but also to manufacture its first tested prototype . SLN carries out physical, data link and control interface layers design . GUI designs are also one of the reputations for SLN.

SLN is specialized in design and development of electronic systems viz. system architecture, hardware development, software development, enclosure design and fabrication, integration, testing, environmental qualification and manufacturing. SLN has expertise to deliver High Performance Rugged Systems for Mission Critical Applications . SLN also offers product re-engineering services where, our team of trained personnel goes to the customer’s firm and re-build or change any component of their miscued product, hence reducing their cost of buying the same product again.

SLN has experience in developing complex LabVIEW applications. SLN handles the LabVIEW projects for customers from around the world. A well defined process to collect the requirements, design, tracking, etc is a great advantage in handling offshore projects. Our well defined architecture in programming along with the NI LabVIEW certified engineers helps to achieve high speed data acquisition and control.

SLN also provides its customers with the device drivers’ development services. SLN provides services for in device driver domain for a multitude of processors, windows and embedded platforms like Linux, Windows Embedded XP, CE, VxWorks, and many other Real-Time Operating Systems. Our specialized offerings encompass consulting, architecture assessment and reengineering, design & development and testing.

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