SVME7447a is an MPC7447a based single board VME computer for networked industrial control system. The SVME is built around MPC7447a and Tsi107; the mpc7447a is a high performance RISC engine from Freescale semiconductor, with built-in SIMD unit called AltiVec technology. Tsi107 is a powerful host bridge for PowerPC CPU from tundra semiconductor with SDRAM controller, PCI bus and clocking interface.


This board has been designed to integrate the most required functions, including Ethernet controller, serial communication ports and flexible custom security IP implementation features.

  • Designed with Freescale semiconductors MPC7447A host processor
  • 32 – bit 600MHz processor with about 1386 MIPS CPU performance and low power
  • Tsi107 Host bridge with 133MHz capable bus and up to 66MHz PCI bus
  • 512MB of SDRAM with 64bit data width
  • 512KB of Boot ROM
  • 128MB of User Flash
  • I2C based RTC and RESET controller and 4Kbit of EEPROM
  • Two 16C550 compatible UART
  • Two USART capable of implementing UART, HDLC/SDLC, BYSYNC, MONOSYNC with RS422 option
  • Tundra semiconductors Universe II VME chip with capability of VME master, interrupt handler and system controller

Product view

Block diagram


  • Industry leading VME64-to-PCI Bus Bridge
  • Proven performance for VME applications

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