What is Software IV&V?

  • IV&V stands for independent verification & validation
  • IV&V is the process of:
    • verifying that the output of each software phase meets its requirements, and
    • Validating that the software, at the end of the development effort, meets the overall project objectives.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) service ensures that the project plans and deliverables are thoroughly inspected at every step of the way to verify that the software satisfies requirements and validates that it meets the customers business objectives. IV&V and Testing services will enable the customer to deliver their most critical projects on time, within their budget and most importantly with quality that meets or exceeds your stakeholder expectations.

Why Independent?

One of the major advantages of an independent evaluation is that the person or group performing the evaluation will be unbiased. There are no emotional ties to the project. There is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive. The company that performs the IV&V process, place their reputation on their findings. Any good company would not take this responsibility lightly. Professional reputations are hard to build and easy to lose.

What can we do for you?

SLN Technologies Pvt.Ltd with its vast experience and talent pool extends IV&V support services.  The primary reason for this is that IV&V remains independent of the organization to provide an unbiased review of processes and products.
At, SLN Technologies Pvt.Ltd, IV&V services are provided on each SDLC (software development life cycle) phase such as: Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, Integration, and Installation. SLN Technologies Pvt.Ltd performs analyses on the effects of new systems and concepts on existing systems, enabling our customers to make informed decisions. Implementing IV&V early in the software development life cycle, will detect defects earlier and thus cost less to correct. Our IV&V processes will help the customer deliver the system or product on schedule and within budget.

Range Of Services Offered 

  • Independent project estimate and modeling of current project plan
  • Periodic status briefings and/or reports
  • Clear Bug Reporting Process and Bug Tracking System.
  • IV&V test summary reports through STP, STD and STRs.
  • Final IV&V Observation Report.
  • Periodic Project specific documentation support and adherence.
  • Strategic reviews:  Review project plans and schedules (i.e., development, test, management) to ensure that they are effective and are being followed.
  • Requirements tracing:  Review requirements coverage to ensure that contractual requirements are being carried through to implementation and testing.
  • Document and process reviews:  Review technical documentation to ensure completeness and appropriateness of design and test documentation and conformance with applicable standards.
  • Risk management:  Review project processes and artifacts to identify risks and ensure that effective risk management is occurring.
  • Software strategy and product evaluation (Technical due diligence):  Provide independent assessment of claims being made about development capability and/or products under development.







Test Strategy and Planning

  • Determine testing approaches
  • ✔ White Box Testing
  • ✔ Black Box Testing
  • ✔ Functional Testing
  • ✔ System Testing
  • ✔ Usability Testing
  • Review initial testing plan and break down plan into further detail as required.
  • Communicate testing activities, including stakeholder involvement.





The tasks that we perform for our customers include:

IV&V Services and Support
 IV&V Management   – Planning
– Monitoring
– Evaluating results, impact of change
– Milestone Reviews
– Reporting
 Requirements IV&V   – Review of concept documentation
– Traceability analysis
– Software Requirements Evaluation
– Interface Analysis
– Initial Planning for Software System Test
– Reporting
 Design IV&V   – Traceability Analysis
– Software Design Evaluation
– Interface Analysis
– Initial Planning for Unit Test
– Initial Planning for Software Integration Test
– Report
 Code IV&V   – Traceability Analysis
– Code Evaluation
– Interface Analysis
– Completion of Unit Test Preparation
– Reporting
 Unit/Component  Test   – Unit Test Execution
– Reporting
Software Integration Test
– Completion of Software Integration Test Preparation
– Execution of Software Integration Tests
– Reporting
 Software System Test   – Completion of Software System Test Preparation
– Execution of Software System Tests
– Reporting
 Software Installation Test   – Installation Configuration Audit
– Reporting

The Benefits of our IV&V services include:

  • Early detection and correction of software anomalies.
  • Enhanced management insight into process and product risk.
  • Life cycle process support – to ensure conformance to program performance, schedule, and budget.
  • Objective analysis of software and system conformance to enable support for a given formal certification process.

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