VME 64x discrete input (DI) card is used for monitoring the different status signals. Field ground and system ground is isolated. This card receives 64 discrete input voltages in range of 16V to 40V.


1 Bus Interface

Bus : VME / VME 64x Compatible
: A24/D16 Standard slave interface
: Address selection through jumper (VME)


No. of input Channels : 64 nos.

Isolation : Optical isolation, Isolation up to 1000V

Input Spec : Nominal Voltage 28V DC
Logic High – > 16 V DC
Logic Low – < 15 V DC
Max. Continuous Voltage – 40 V DC
Channel current (ON) – 5 to 8 mA per channel

Protection : Reverse voltage protection
Over voltage protection for Max. 40V DC
50V transitory peaks

Input indication : LED indication on Front panel for each input.
LED indicates the input status before isolation (Field side) LEDs. Illuminated when the associated input channel is ON

3 Termination

Input Termination : Front connector (Fascia Panel) termination-all
64 inputs
Rear connector (VME P2) termination 46 inputs

4 Self Tests

BIT : Force High / Force Low facility to test all the inputs from field side.
Force high / Force low is done group wise
(8 ch at a time) which allows testing field
Input related opto-couplers and corresponding TTL chips

Power Consumption : 5V @ 1A from VME Connector
3.3V @500mA from VME Connector
28VDC@ 1A from field Connector

Mechanical : Single slot 6U (233.4 mm x160 mm)

Facia Panel : Standard 6U /4T Facia panel with ejector facility.

64 LEDs indicating input status on the Fascia Panel

Input termination connector. FAULT LED

5 Environmental

Operating Temperature : -20 °C to + 55 °C Storage

Temperature : -40 °C to + 85 °C

Thermal shock : +55 °C to – 20 °C (1hr Exposure)

Humidity : 95% at 40 °C (8hr exposure)

Operational Vibration : The unit will withstand vibration of
1.5G for frequencies in the range of
` 5-1500HZ and acceleration of 1.5m / sec2

Operational altitude : 0 to 4160 m above sea level

Altitude transport : 0 to 13000 m above sea level

6 Software

Device Drivers : os/non-os based

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