The defence acquisition in India is distinguished as one of the highest acquisitions in the world, set to be procured in the next decade. Industries must establish new partnerships and new ways to control the regional partnerships in order to address regulatory requirements. The main key drivers for growth in the industry are cost, time-to-market and a need for sustainable innovation. Access to these new markets is another factor that will determine success.

As a leading Defence engineering services and solutions provider, SLN is a partner of choice for Indian Defence Organizations. We have displayed our expertise in electronic systems design and manufacturing for high performance rugged mission critical systems for armed forces requirements. We support our customers not only in design and development but also in enabling and supporting them to maintain the equipment for the lifecycle of the equipment, typically for 20 years. Thus, we provide full product lifecycle solutions. Our extensive domain expertise across varied military aircraft platforms, mobile 3D radar platforms, battle tanks and marine ships have enabled us to understand the major challenges that the industry faces and how to overcome them.

SLN has expertise in design and development of embedded systems, automated test equipment, antenna control systems, ruggedisation of electronic systems and form-fit-function redevelopment of obsolete embedded systems. SLN has strong processes for design of the embedded systems for mission criticality. SLN’s business models are build-to-spec, build-to-print and resource consultancy. SLN can be a single window partner to manage India offsets, interface with Indian MoD and other public sector units (PSU) for overseas OEM’s

SLN is a thorough expertise in qualifying the embedded systems for MIL-STD-810F, JSS 55555 and MIL-STD-461 standards. SLN is also recognized as an in-house R&D unit from Dept. of Scientific Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of INDIA.

Some of the Major Defence products SLN has delivered are:

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